Day 1

What did you do today?
              ~Briefly describe your day's activities.
We were tasked to prepare a series of selective agar plates and label them. Then using the inoculating loop* insert it into the bacteria sample, followed by inoculating the surface of the agar slant in zigzag streaks. After completing the task, we were allowed to visit various areas of the campus to take samples of the area and then repeat the procedure.

What did you learn today?
              ~Discuss any learning points from today's activities.
I have gotten a better idea of how to use the apparatus and safety guidelines that must be followed with at all times in the lab.

How do you feel about today's activities?
              ~Describe how the project affected your understanding of discipline and how it may be applied somewhere.
Since there was limited numbers of apparatus available, we had to work together as a group. This could be applied during class lessons, and can allow task or projects to be completed in a faster and more efficient manner.

              ~Share your insights for today.

*Inoculating loop-a simple tool used mainly by microbiologist to retrieve and inoculum from a culture of microorganisms.

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