Day 2

What did you do today?
              ~Briefly describe your day's activities
We were tasked to observe and identify the bacteria we had cultivated the previous day. Next, we were taught how to use the light microscope specifically and to observe: B. subtilis, E.coli, SA and Yeast.  Then after the break, we were to prepare and present a presentation about the topic.

What did you learn today?
              ~Discuss any learning points from today's activities.
I have better understand how to use the light microscope and as a recap from last year's lesson. Also, we were taught how to prepare the slides and the Gram Staining.

How do you feel about today's activities?
              ~Describe how the project affected your understanding of discipline and how it may be applied somewhere.
Team members need to cooperate with each other effectively in order to complete the task assigned on time.

              ~Share your insights for today.
The presentation of the facts of microbiology and bacteria was interesting.

What new questions do you have regarding discipline?

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